Waste: Hazardous

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Aqua regia is commonly used to remove noble metals such as gold, platinum and palladium from... read more

This chart is from the... read more

The Chemical Reuse and Exchange (REX) Program is a service of the University of Massachusetts,... read more

As described in our laboratory decommissioning policy, EH&S needs to evaluate the historical... read more

Any equipment offered for disposal may contain a variety of materials that if disposed of could... read more

The management of Hazardous Chemical Waste (HCW) at the University of Massachusetts consists of... read more

The Hazardous Lecture
 Purchase and 
 applies to all University personnel 
... read more

Inspection Storage Requirements: Are all containers capped? Are containers compatible with their... read more

Place your lab supply delivery request online in CEMS to request the lab supplies listed below... read more

No Job Should Be Considered So Important That It Cannot Be Done Safely. The... read more

Piranha is a strong oxidant and is generated from conc. sulfuric acid and hydrogen peroxide.  DO... read more

This is a voluntary self-inspection form for laboratories