Tent (Temporary Structure) Permit Process and Application

Application Notes:  Disregard Appendix 1 and 2 on the application.

Permit Process

Anyone wishing to erect a tent covering an area greater than 400 square feet must obtain a permit per the MA State Building Code. Tents must also meet Massachusetts Fire Prevention Regulations. Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) will assist with this application process. Please note that there is now a State Permit Fee which must be paid by check and made out to: Commonwealth of Massachusetts. No cash can be accepted.

A separate tent permit is required for each tent site. The tent permit has a minimum of three pages. You will need to fill out a separate page for each tent you wish to erect at the location indicated in Box 1, Page 1. The completed peDavid at: 413-545-5120, or djroberts@umass.edu.

(This process is also required for temporary structures like Stages and Platforms as well).