Sylvan Soils PCB Remediation Completion Report 2019 10 11

This Polychlorinated Biphenyl (PCB) Remediation Completion Report has been prepared by Woodard & Curran on
behalf of the University of Massachusetts – Amherst (UMass) to comply with the requirements set forth in the U.S.
Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) June 4, 2019 PCB Decontamination and Disposal Approval under 40 CFR
761.61 (a) and (c) and 761.79(h) (the Approval). This Approval is provided in Appendix A to this Report.

This report documents the excavation and off-site disposal of polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) impacted soils and other
media at the property identified by UMass as the Sylvan Complex located at 112 Eastman Lane on the UMass Amherst
Campus in Amherst, Massachusetts. Remediation activities were conducted between May and August 2019 and
included the removal and off-site disposal of soils, asphalt, brick, and accumulated catch basin solids identified as
containing PCBs > 1 part per million (ppm).

Analytical and Disposal Documentation is not included because of size.