Shop Safety Program

The Shop Safety Program for UMass Amherst was developed in an effort to reduce the risk of injuries when working with potentially hazardous machinery on campus.  Please refer to the Shop Safety Policy (Machinery) below for full details. (EH&S maintains the University’s Shop Safety Policy.)

Shop Definition

A shop is defined as any designated area where hazardous tools and machinery are used for fabricating materials, testing or conducting research including, but is not limited to machine shops, carpentry shops, art studios, scene shops, testing facilities and laboratories.

Enrollment in the Shop Safety Program is Mandatory

As a service to the University, Environmental Health & Safety will conduct:

  • annual safety inspections of all shops
  • hold annual Shop Safety Committee meetings
  • provide technical and regulatory guidance to shop supervisors

If you manage a shop or are considering building a new shop you must enroll in this program.  To get started, contact Maryanne Steele at or 413-545-2367.


Those Managing or Supervising a Shop must take the Mechanical and Electrical Research Training in person initially and every 5 years, and the online OWL version of the training in the interim years.