SciShield is an online platform that enables users to easily organize and manage many high level aspects of a research laboratory; including personnel, equipment, and laboratory safety.  The ultimate goal of utilizing SciShield is to increase safety and compliance in laboratories without detracting researchers’ attention from their research.  SciShield provides users with digital access to safety compliance and regulatory documentation and materials in a single platform. 

What can users do in SciShield?

  • Receive and easily respond to lab safety assessments
  • Inventory equipment (e.g. lasers, x-ray devices, biosafety cabinets, etc.) with ability to upload service/calibration reports and attach to specific equipment, as well as the capacity to track calibration due dates
  • Upload and store documents such as lab-specific protocols and chemical hygiene plans, so that they can be easily accessed and reviewed by lab members
  • Determine lab members user access and permissions to SciShield based on job description (e.g. Lab Member, PI, User, etc.)
  • Manage and complete EH&S provided training
  • View Chemical Inventory, SDSs, and request items from the surplus inventory
  • Request lab and waste supplies
  • Request hazardous waste pick-ups and view previous pick-up requests
  • Access documents and resources provided by EH&S

All laboratories are required to be registered in SciShield. Registrations in SciShield are tied to the principal investigator rather than a specific protocol or lab space.  PIs are encouraged to complete the General Setup Wizard (see PI Lab Setup guidance document below for step-by-step process) and minimally include current lab group members and verification of lab spaces used by the group.  Please note that to have a group member other than the PI set up the lab profile, the PI must first add the individual as a member of the lab and ensure that group compliance liaison access is granted for the individual.  Adding group members can also ensure EH&S is able to contact group members in the event of emergencies, such as floods, to minimize damage to expensive equipment and downtime. Adding group members is also necessary to assign  particular trainings to group members (see the Setting Training Requiremnets Guide below).

Additionally, SciShield allows EH&S to track important safety compliance trends among the research community.  This information can give individual labs an idea of where to focus their safety compliance efforts.

If you have any questions about SciShield, please visit our FAQs page or contact us at

SciShield Guidance Documents and Resources

Guidance for PI Lab Setup – This guide offers step-by-step guidance for PI’s completing the General Laboratory Setup Wizard, which is suggested for all labs on initial login to SciShield.

Guidance for Lab Assessments – This guide provides a step-by-step process for receiving and responding to Lab Assessments performed by EH&S.  Please also see our video for a quick overview.

Guide for Chemical Inventory (ChemTracker) in SciShield - This guide walks you through a step-by-step process to search your inventory, request surplus inventory, and more!

Guide for Hazardous Waste in SciShield - This guide provides an overview of the hazardous waste module.

Guidance for Adding and Removing Laser and X-Ray Devices in SciShield - This guide provides step-by-step guidance on adding and removing laser and x-ray equipment from your inventory.

Setting Training Requirements in SciShield - This guide shows you how to get your lab members set up for training in SciShield.  Please also see our video for a quick overview.

Training Manager Guide for SciShield - This guide shows you what you can do as a training manager in SciShield.

Guidance for Autoclave Audits - Please use this guide to provide you with a step-by-step walkthrough of responding to autoclave audits.

SciShield FAQs- Answers to commonly asked questions about SciShield