Safety Officer Presents at the Building Coordinator Annual Meeting

Sondra Slesinski, EH&S Officer for Physical Plant, was one of the presenters to the Annual Building Coordinators' meeting hosted by Physical Plant. UMass Amherst Building Coordinators have accepted an important responsibility. The time and energy they bring to the task make UMass Amherst a better place to learn, work and play.

Among other tasks, Building Coordinator responsibilities include:

  • Maintain an accurate list of contact persons and corresponding spaces for your department within the building.
  • Notify department building occupants of emergency and planned disruption of services either verbally or by forwarding copies of Construction Advisories and/or Service Shutdown Notices.
  • Oversee building conditions and act as liaison between your department and Facilities & Campus Services.
  • Report building deficiencies to, and make service requests of, Facilities & Campus Services; coordinate completion of requested services.

For more information on Building Coordinators, contact UMass Facilities and Campus Services.