Research Safety

We provide comprehensive support services to the research community to ensure safe, compliant, and efficient conduct of research.

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This SOP details basic safe work practices to follow when working with 3D printers.   To date,... read more

This SOP discusses the chemical and physical hazards of gel electrophoresis and how to mitigate... read more

This standard operating procedure (SOP) contains guidelines for safe preparation, use, and... read more

Batteries can discharge hazardous gases or present fire or explosion risks if these are... read more

Work with ceramics can present a variety of hazards.  The information presented below details... read more

Chemical labelling is an integral part of creating a safe work environment in the laboratory.... read more

This document outlines the procedures to be used for the safe handling of compressed gases.... read more

Cuts and punctures are the most common type of injury that occurs in the labs, shops, and... read more

Use of cut resistant and puncture resistant gloves can afford an added layer of protection,... read more

The purpose of these procedures is to eliminate, as much as possible, any potential hazards to... read more

Drawing can present hazards related to the materials used and the methods of use. The hazards... read more

The purpose of this program is to ensure that all safety eyewashes and showers supply clean,... read more

Please print and use the attached checklist that includes the reminders below. Flush eyewash... read more

Laboratory equipment, materials and research can be protected during emergency situations by... read more

Each year we have one or two storms severe enough that the safety of the campus community is in... read more

Any equipment offered for disposal may contain a variety of materials that if disposed of could... read more

Did you know that your posture and how you move can affect your health?  Please see the poster... read more

eShipGlobal: Shipping Awareness Training for Research Materials

Lab personnel often ask what should be included in a First Aid Kit and if there are any specific... read more

The storage of flammable materials in labs can be challenging, particularly when these items... read more

This SOP describes the hazard mitigation controls necessary to work safely with formaldehyde and... read more

Laboratories desire stable temperature storage for chemicals, biologicals, radiologicals and... read more

There are various types of laboratory furnaces, including Tube, Box, and Muffle. Because each... read more

There are different types of gloves to protect against various hazards, including chemical,... read more

Appropriate gloves should ideally be worn whenever any hazardous materials are manipulated by... read more

Sometimes many different types of hazards are present at once.  In these cases, gloves that... read more

Electrical insulated rubber gloves should be used to protect users from electrical shocks and... read more

Guidelines For Children And Unauthorized Persons In Labs And Other Potentially Hazardous Areas ... read more

Your hearing is fragile and is essential for musical success.  See the factsheet above for... read more

This fact sheet details precautions to take to ensure safety while conducting field research... read more

This fact sheet details safe work practices to mitigate hazards posed by use of hot plates. ... read more

The Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) is a University-wide review body that provides... read more

                                                                              How to... read more

UMass Amherst expects architects, engineers, and designers to construct campus buildings and... read more

Accidents can occur even after conducting thorough risk assessments and implementing... read more


Lab Safety Coordinators (LSCs) play an important role in promoting safety awareness and... read more

Please use the handout to accompany the online lab safety training.  The training is completed... read more

Leathercraft or leatherworking activities include the use of techniques and processes such as... read more

Liability Release Form for Children and Unauthorized Persons in Labs and Other Potentially... read more

Lithography is a method of printing from a stone or a metal plate with a smooth surface, and was... read more

The Studio Arts Building (SAB) contains many different types of local exhaust ventilation... read more

Mercury is a neurotoxin and can also damage the lungs and kidneys when mercury vapors are... read more

This SOP details the basic safe work practices to follow when performing lab-scale operations... read more

Welcome to UMass Amherst!  The following is meant to provide basic information to new principal... read more

This SOP details safe work practices to mitigate hazards posed by use of oil baths.  Correct... read more

Osmium tetroxide is commonly used as an oxidizing reagent for synthesis and as a staining agent... read more

Some hazardous materials can affect your hearing after repeated and prolonged exposure.  These... read more

Laboratory ovens are standard equipment found in most clinical, forensic, electronics, material... read more


One of the first documented connections between painting pigments and adverse health... read more

The performing arts, including theater, dance and music, can present unique hazards that are... read more

This handout provides information on the Peroxide Forming Materials Management Program. These... read more

This SOP provides basic safe practices for working with peroxide-forming materials.  Please also... read more

The chemicals and processes used in photographic developing can pose a variety of hazards. ... read more

Please use this guide you through the response process for lab assessments in SciShield.  Note... read more

Please use this guide to get your lab setup in SciShield.  Note that this is an optional process... read more

Please use this guide to check and modify your laser and x-ray generating equipment inventory in... read more

Pyrophoric materials have the characteristic of spontaneously igniting upon contact with air.... read more

Individuals who are pregnant, trying to conceive, or nursing a child while working in a lab and... read more

To help navigate the unique challenges of sharing, UMass Environmental Health and Safety (EH... read more

Please see this fact sheet for a concise description of air purifying respirator use and care.... read more

If you wish to wear a respirator, fill out and submit the Respirator Use Request Form to... read more

Rotovaps, used to remove solvent under reduced pressure from mixtures, can present a variety of... read more

Working in the fine arts can pose significant health and safety risks from a variety of hazards... read more

Do I have to use SciShield?

You will need to set up your lab profile in SciShield, and you will... read more

Training requirements in SciShield are triggered based on assigned job activities.  Please look... read more

The materials and processes used in sculpting can create exposure hazards for the artist.  The... read more

Assigned trainings in SciShield are triggered from assigned job activities.  Please use this... read more

Please use the template above to label areas in shared spaces with ownership information. ... read more

This SOP discusses hazard mitigation strategies and requirements for soldering.  

This document provides guidance on developing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for work with... read more

Proper gloves should be use when handling hot objects or cryogens.

Heat resistant gloves... read more

This guide provides an overview what training managers can do in SciShield.  If you have... read more

The focus of the initiative is the minimization of risk related to poliovirus in educational and... read more

Please use this guide to ensure that your lab remains safe and compliant.  While this list is... read more

This fact sheet talks about four main types of vacuum pumps (rotary vane vacuum pumps, diaphragm... read more

This SOP briefly describes different types of welding, cutting and brazing, including electric... read more