Radiation Safety Training

All EH&S trainings are now completed through OWL in lieu of classroom training.   

Please note that a Net ID is required to access training in OWL.  Non-UMass community members will need to have a NENS setup for them to be able to access the trainings.  Please note that the NENS will show up in SPIRE before it is synced with OWL, sometimes up to 48 hours.  If you have difficulty setting up the NENS, please contact OIT at 413-545-9400 or email it@umass.edu.

Radiation Safety Training

The UMass Amherst Radiation Safety Program provides training on the fundamentals of radiation safety to satisfy the basic training requirement for radiation workers as set forth in the University of Massachusetts Radiation Materials License. The total time to complete this training is approximately 3 hours. This training is now offered online as a power point presentation with voice narration.

Users of radionuclide tracers and sealed sources are required to take this training.

General Laser Safety Training

This course covers the basics of laser safety and  is required for anyone (PI’s, students, fellows, lab managers, research staff, etc.) who may be exposed to laser radiation from a class 3B or Class 4 laser in the course of their work.

Users of Confocal Microscope are also required to take this training.

Laser Cutter Training

This course is required for all users of laser cutters on campus, including users of: Jamieson / Epilogue M2 Laser cutters, CO2   laser cutter, Universal VLSW3.50 laser cutter.  This training takes the place of General Laser Safety training for those individuals who only use laser cutters.

X-Ray Safety Training

All x-ray and radiation-producing machine users are required to complete a training course upon assignment to labs containing x-ray devices (i.e., x-ray diffraction, dental x-ray machines, bone density scanner, portable x-ray devices, and micro-CT).

Users of portable x-rays, such as the ones used by Veterinary Animal Sciences, are required to take the x-ray training. Dosimeters will not be issued if training is not completed.

If you have any questions regarding these trainings, please call EH&S at 413-545-2682 or contact the Radiation Safety Officer at hms@ehs.umass.edu 413-545-5131.

There are no general in-person trainings scheduled at this time.