Pre-Packaged Snacks, Concessions, & Commercial Doughnuts (NON-TCS FOODS)

To start:

Read the EH&S Food Event Policy Food Event Descriptions and Instructions - ("Read Me First!")
Read the Non-TCS food factsheet.
For each event you will need to submit a Food Waiver and Registration.  (Student groups will submit via Campus Pulse.  For all other requests, please email
Everyone shall sign a Food Handler Volunteer (FHRA) (Illness Reporting) Agreement.  The Food Event Organizer (listed in Campus Pulse) shall keep a list of all foods, collect all signed FHRA forms, all Training Certificates of Completion, and before the event, and mail or deliver to: EH&S, 117 Draper Hall. 

Food safety information about food allergens is pertinent; all allergens shall be labeled.  All ingredients must be known.

(Meats, poultry, dairy, fish, shellfish, cut fruits and vegetables, grains, legumes are not allowed as part of Bake Sales or Non-TCS pre-packaged foods)



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All foods shall have allegens labeled on orginal packaging or table tent cards for each food... read more

Information on Food Allergies.  If you or your group is serving food, you are responsible for... read more

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Pre-packaged snack food, not needing heating or cooling for food safety, including commercial... read more