OWL Training

OWL (Online Web-based Learning) is a UMass online learning system. Anyone with a Net ID can access OWL. Any person who works in an area that has the potential to injure a person or can cause damage to property and/or the environment needs to be trained.

To begin any OWL course below, login with your Net ID: OWL Login

Title Date
Autoclave Use and Procedures Ongoing
Auxiliary Services Student and Employee Food Safety Training Ongoing
Biological Safety Cabinets Ongoing
Biological Safety: Renewal Training Module Ongoing
Bloodborne Pathogens Ongoing
Confined Space Entry Ongoing
EH&S Student Business Food Safety Training Ongoing
Ergonomics for the Computer User Ongoing
Food Safety (mulitple topics) Ongoing
Hazardous Waste Management Ongoing
Lab Safety Ongoing
Lock-Out/Tag-Out Ongoing
Mechanical & Electrical Research Safety Ongoing
Motor Vehicle Idling Policy Ongoing
Radiation Safety Refresher Training Ongoing
Right to Know - Hazardous Materials in the Workplace Ongoing
Shipping With Dry Ice Ongoing
Worker Protection Standard Ongoing