Outside Caterer/Vendor Food Waivers

To start:

  1. You must obtain permission first from Auxiliary Enterprises.  Contact JennyLyn Fontaine at Auxiliary Enterprises.
  2. Read the Food Event Description and Instructions - ("Read Me First!")
  3. Read the Outside Food Caterer Vendor Fact Sheet.  All caterer vendors, for PHF or TCS foods, must be located within 30-minute travel time to the campus.
  4. For each event you will need to submit a Food Waiver and Registration.  (Student groups will submit via Campus Pulse.  For all other requests, please email foodwaiver@ehs.umass.edu).
  5. You will need to verify that your caterer has been approved.  (*Follow these instructions if your caterer is not on the approved list.)  
  6. Your caterer will need to submit a catering notification form (for each event.)
  7. A caterer not yet listed should submit the required paperwork at least 30 days in advance to the Envrionmental Health program at EH&S to: foodwaiver@ehs.umass.edu.  No event or caterer will be reviewed with less than 2 weeks notice.

To register as an approved caterer, see below:  

 Approved Caterers/Vendors:

Approved Caterer ID





Local Health






2023 - 001   (M. Nair PIC) Bombay Royale Northampton 3/01/2024 12/31/2024 1/14/2027 10/30/2027
2023 - 002   (C. Chol Yi PIC) CANA Chicopee, MA 2/15/25 12/31/2024 10/17/2027 01/31/2026
2021 - 03 Duro West African Cuisine

S. Hadley, MA

2/01/22* 12/31/2021* 5/16/2023*


2023 - 04 Pryia Indian Restaurant Chicopee, MA 8/13/24 12/31/2024 7/29/24 11/19/25
2023 - 05 Talk of the Town Spring, MA 1/28/24* 4/30/23* 9/8/27 4/13/27
2023 - 06 Lili's Restaurant Amherst, MA 10/1/2024 12/31/2024 9/13/2026 1/10/2027


How to become an Approved Caterer/Vendor:

To become an approved caterer/vendor or renew your registration approval, please submit all of the required attachments below:   The caterer/vendor must be located within 30 minutes travel time of the UMass Amherst campus:

1. an Annual Caterer/Vendor application (EH&S form below) completed;

2. an Event Notification Form (EH&S form below) completed (for each event*);

3. a copy of their existing caterer's Board of Health license (from the caterer/vendor);

4. a copy of their existing caterer's ServSafe certification (from the caterer/vendor);

5. a copy of their existing caterer's MA Food Allergy Awareness Certificate (from the caterer/vendor); and

6. a copy of their existing caterer's Liability Insurance indemnifying the University of Massachusetts) for $1 million dollars, (from the caterer/vendor's insurance company).

*Each time an approved Caterer/Vendor provides food for an approved Food Waiver Event, they shall submit an updated Event Caterer Notfication form for each event.

It is your responsibility to supply the University with updated copies of this documentation once it expires. The caterer/vendor will be removed from the Approved Caterer/Vendor listing until the appropriate documentation is received. Each caterer/vendor needs to renew and re-submit their applications anytime the original documents are expired.  Renewal is not automatic.  It is the student group's responsibility to obtain updated documents from their proposed caterer/vendor.


UMass Catering (Auxiliary Enterprises) Director of Sales 
Phone: (413) 577-8200
Email:  jfontain@umass.edu

EH&S Assistant Director of Environmental Health Svcs 
Phone: (413) 545-2682
Email: foodwaiver@ehs.umass.edu

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