New Radioisotope User Instructions

  1. The authorized user (Principle Investigator) must file a Radiation Permit Request (New Principal Investigator) through Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) and have the application approved by the Radioisotope Use Committee.
  2. The authorized user must submit a personnel Update Form to EH&S listing all who will be using radioactive materials in experimental procedures.
  3. The authorized user must submit a copy of each experimental procedure (protocol) utilizing radioactive materials under his/her authorization to the Radiation Safety Officer for safety review. The protocol should include instruments and equipment used during the procedure, rooms and areas of rooms where radioactive materials work will take place, maximum specific activity of radioactive materials labeled solution to be used and a physical step-by-step procedure in order to determine handling hazards. Please list reagents and amounts used.
  4. All personnel working with radioactive materials are required to attend a radiation safety training session conducted weekly by EH&S prior to beginning work with radioactive materials. For scheduling, contact EH&S at: 545-2682. Personnel may be exempted, if they can show prior equivalent safety training and/or experience.
  5. Each lab (or group of adjoining labs) where radioactive materials are in use will be supplied with a copy of the UMass Radiation Safety Manual and the following signs posted in prominent positions where radiation workers can regularly read them:
  • Form MRCP “Notice To Employees";
  • Copies of 105 CMR 120.000 Regulations Title 10, "To Control the Radiation Hazards of Radioactive Materials and of Machines Which Emit Ionizing Radiation";
  • Pertinent safety memoranda and signs from EH&S;
  • In addition to the above postings, signs reading "Caution Radioactive Materials"; must be on each entrance to the room, on refrigerators or where radioactive materials are stored. All signs and required postings are provided by EH&S.

Upon authorization and protocol review, the Radiation Protection Officer may request the researcher to perform a "Dry Run," (i.e., run through the experimental procedure without using radioactive materials). In any case, a member of the Radiation Safety office will inspect the lab before work with radioactive materials begins to assure that adequate safety precautions have been implemented as planned.

Reminders: Reference UMass Radiation Safety Manual

  • When ordering radioisotopes for experimental use, the order must be placed in the name of the authorized user and EH&S must be notified of the order! All radioisotopes are delivered to the user by EH&S after receipt and inspection. Please fill out the Radiation Shipment, Incoming, Notify Radiation Safety Form before ordering radioactive materials.
  • Laboratories utilizing radioactive materials will be inspected for radioactive contamination on a regular basis by EH&S. If contamination is found, the lab will be notified by EH&S as to the location and nature of the contamination. Decontamination (except in extremely severe cases) will be performed by lab personnel.
  • Review Emergency Procedures prior to beginning radioactive materials work. Any questions or problems should be directed to EH&S at: 545-2682.
  • Please review all applicable waste disposal procedures for your intended uses.  Ensure that all your staff are aquainted with them so that we may stay in compliance with very strict waste segregation and packaging requirements before shipment to national burial sites. You may request a waste pickup at your lab by calling: 545-2682, or fax your form to: 545-2600. We must receive your request by noon on Tuesday in order to perform the pickup on Wednesday of that week. All pickups are made weekly on Wednesdays. Pickups may take place at any time during the day, so it is important that your radioactive materials waste be properly labelled (name, isotope, activity, date) and packaged before Wednesday. For assistance, call EH&S at: 545-2682.