Motor Vehicle Idling Policy

The University of Massachusetts is obligated to follow Massachusetts Air Pollution Control Regulations.

Massachusetts Air Pollution Control Regulations (310 CMR 7.11 & Mass. General Law [MGL] Chapter 90, Section 16A) state that:

  • All motor vehicles shall comply with pertinent Registry of Motor Vehicle regulations pertaining to noise and exhaust.
  • No person shall cause, allow, or permit the unnecessary operation of the engine of a motor vehicle while said vehicle is stopped for a foreseeable period of time in excess of five minutes.

These regulations are enforceable by Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, local, state, and University police departments, local fire departments, boards of health, or state or local building inspectors.

310 CMR 7.11 shall not apply to:

  • Vehicles being serviced provided idling is essential to proper repair thereof, or
  • Vehicles engaged in the delivery or acceptance of goods for which engine assisted power is necessary and substitute alternate means cannot be made available, or
  • Vehicles engaged in an operation for which the engine power is necessary for an associated power need other than movement and substitute alternate power means cannot be made available provided that such operation does not cause or contribute to a condition of air pollution.

University Policy in regards to compliance with 310 CMR 7.11 and MGL Chapter 90, Section 16 A:

  • The University is required to comply with the State Department of Environmental Protection Regulation 310 CMR that prohibits motor vehicles from idling in excess of five (5) minutes, (except; If it is necessary in order to properly repair the vehicle, transfer goods, or to operate associated machinery as allowed in the regulation).
  • All University drivers are required to be trained in this policy. This requirement is the responsibility of the employee's Department.
  • Violation of this policy will be referred to the appropriate University department for corrective action.