Lab Supplies

Place your Lab Supply Delivery Request online in CEMS to request the lab supplies listed below. (You must be connected to the UMass Amherst network in order to access CEMS.) Contact EH&S Hazardous Materials Tracking Manager Glenda Pons with questions at: 413-577-3631.

Hazardous waste stickers:

  • Small stickers
  • Non-halogenated organic solvent stickers
  • Halogen-organic solvent stickers
  • Autoclave labels/non-infectious autoclave biological waste labels
  • 10% bleach labels
  • 20 liter solvent container
  • Eyewash bottles/eyewash weekly checklist
  • Ethidium bromide labels
  • Biological waste boxes with plastic biohazard liners/bags (2 per box)
  • Buckets and plastic liners
  • Glass boxes
  • Secondary containment trays (grey bins)
  • Sharps containers

lab supply containers

Lab Supplies For Solid Hazardous Waste Available Through EH&S

EH&S maintains an assortment of containers in for hazardous solid waste including metal solvent cans as pictured below. Contact the CEMS Office at EH&S at: 413-577-3633, with questions or to place an order.

 lab supplies through environmental health and safety