Lab Safety Training

Please complete lab safety training through OWL.  Please use this handout as a supplement to the training.  Lab safety training is required annually.  Please note that completion of the lab safety training module fulfills the annual training requirements for right to know and hazardous waste.

New lab members can order lab coats and eye protection online.

Please note that a Net ID is required to access training in OWL.  Non-UMass community members will need to have a NENS setup for them to be able to access the trainings.  Please note that the NENS will show up in SPIRE before it is synced with OWL, sometimes up to 48 hours.  If you have difficulty setting up the NENS, please contact OIT at 413-545-9400 or email

What if I want to do in-person training?

EH&S is happy to come to your lab space and meet with you and your colleagues to go over lab and building specific items.  If you would like to set up a meeting, please contact us at

There are no general in-person trainings scheduled at this time.