Lab Safety Event Hosted By EH&S

EH&S recently held a lab safety event to complement our online trainings.  Activities included evaluating a mock lab for safety, demonstration of how to safely use biosafety cabinets, hands-on lessons in how to use meters to detect radioactive materials, and use of fire extinguishers.  Participants were also able to try on and order lab coats and safety glasses, learn about different types of gloves, and get samples of PPE, safety posters, and other safety swag.  There was also plenty of candy for all and chances to win lunch at the Blue Wall!

EH&S has also visited with a number of lab groups to provide training on building and lab specific safety.  If your group is interested in having EH&S provide this training to you, please contact us at to schedule.

Photos from the lab safety event on 08/09/21-08/13/21