Lab Safety

The following documents, forms, and programs relate to general lab safety considerations.

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The purpose of this program is to ensure that all safety eyewashes and showers supply clean,... read more

Each year we have one or two storms severe enough that the safety of the campus community is in... read more

There are many job tasks performed in the research laboratories posing ergonomic risks, such as... read more

Lab personnel often ask what should be included in a First Aid Kit and if there are any specific... read more

Gloves are important personal protective equipment to prevent contact with hazardous materials... read more

Guidelines For Children And Unauthorized Persons In Labs And Other Potentially Hazardous Areas ... read more

This document is a list of the current lab coat pick up and drop off locations on campus.

Need to find the right size lab coat?  Use our sizing guide to help.

UMass Amherst expects architects, engineers, and designers to construct campus buildings and... read more

Accidents can occur even after conducting thorough risk assessments and implementing... read more

All laboratory incidents (exposures, injuries, spills, leaks, near misses) should be reported... read more


Lab Safety Coordinators (LSCs) play an important role in promoting safety awareness and... read more

Please use the handout to accompany the online lab safety training.  The training is completed... read more

This document is a template that faculty PI's or lab directors can use as a guide in the... read more

No Job Should Be Considered So Important That It Cannot Be Done Safely. The... read more

Liability Release Form for Children and Unauthorized Persons in Labs and Other Potentially... read more

Welcome to UMass Amherst!  The following is meant to provide basic information to new principal... read more

Noise in the laboratory can be damaging to hearing of occupants.  This fact sheet discusses... read more

Please use this guide you through the response process for lab assessments in SciShield.  Note... read more

Please use this guide to get your lab setup in SciShield.  Note that this is an optional process... read more

Please use this guide to check and modify your laser and x-ray generating equipment inventory in... read more

Experiments that can be classified as high risk must receive prior written approval by the P.I... read more

Individuals who are pregnant, trying to conceive, or nursing a child while working in a lab and... read more

To help navigate the unique challenges of sharing, UMass Environmental Health and Safety (EH... read more

Check out our safety shorts collection of videos below!  If you have ideas for safety videos... read more

Do I have to use SciShield?

You will need to set up your lab profile in SciShield, and you will... read more

Please use the template above to label areas in shared spaces with ownership information. ... read more

This document provides guidance on developing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for work with... read more

Please use this guide to ensure that your lab remains safe and compliant.  While this list is... read more