Indoor Issues: Mold, Pests, Odors

For information on indoor air quality, please visit our IAQ page.


Report Indoor Air Odors

Extremely strong and acutely irritating odors immediately dangerous to life or health (burning smell or visible smoke, odor of gas leak):

  • Evacuate the area, and call the EH&S main office number at: (413) 545-2682. For medical evaluation if suspected chemical inhalation, call University Health Services (UHS) Urgent Care at: (413) 577-5000.
  • Should an “imminent danger” situation exist such as a significant chemical spill or evidence of smoke, an IAQ investigation may be conducted with the assistance of the Amherst Fire Department. If necessary, the involved parties will be directed to seek medical attention at UHS.

Chemical use or spills, natural gas, electrical burning smells and other non-life-threatening odors:

Call EH&S at: (413) 545-2682, and UMass Amherst Physical Plant (PP) at: (413) 545-6401.

Temperature, humidity, dust and musty odor issues:

Call EH&S at: (413) 545-2682, and PP at: (413) 545-6401.

Report Other Indoor Air Quality Problems:

Any campus office worker who believes that he or she is being adversely affected by the quality of their indoor air should contact EH&S at: (413) 545-2682. The reporting party can remain anonymous, if desired.

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