Hills Building Remediation

12/9/2011 Update

Due to runoff from heavy summer rains and Hurricane Irene in late August, there was extensive water infiltration which led to mold growth in the basement area of the Hills building. Staff from Physical Plant and Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) Departments have taken a number of steps to address the moisture and mold problems in the Hills building. An aggressive remediation plan was put in place and an action plan is moving forward to continue occupancy in the building. The remediation plan in the basement area included cleaning surfaces with a disinfectant and the application of an anti-microbial paint (link to MSDS sheets provided below); installation of a commercial dehumidifier, use of three air movers and two new ventilation fans to draw air from the basement and push it outdoors; clearing of drains and caulking the exterior of the building. The University plans to take a series of additional preventive steps which include:

  • Physical Plant will repair steam leaks and water infiltration in mechanical spaces.
  • Physical Plant will have all carpeted areas within the entire building steam cleaned (with water only).
  • All fabric and upholstered furniture in the entire building, along with all carpeted areas in the entire building, will be HEPA vacuumed starting with the 4th floor and working down.
  • All hard surfaces and furniture on all floors will be wiped down with microfiber cloth.
  • EH&S and other campus resources are establishing a mold testing plan. Initial airborne tests have been taken and alll data from these and future tests will be posted on this EH&S Hills web site.
  • EH&S and Physical Plant will closely monitor the building, especially mechanical room spaces and Hills central basement for water infiltration, steam leaks and visible mold. Deficiencies will be followed up with a developed corrective action plan, as necessary.
  • A communication plan will be implemented which includes regularly scheduled status meetings, open forums, and updates on this web site.

See Physical Plant work schedule for Hills [PDF]

Mold Testing Data For Hills

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) On Mold Disinfectant & Paint

Minutes of Hills Group Meetings

A Hills Open Forum was also held November 2nd in 105 Hills from noon to 1 p.m.

External Resources

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