Halloween Decorating Guidelines

Halloween should be a fun, safe time in the Residence Halls. In order to keep our Residence Halls safe from fire, a few simple precautions are necessary.

Natural Material

Because of its combustible nature, cornstalks, leaves and hay may not be used for decorating. Other natural materials such as pumpkins, squash and gourds are permitted. Crepe paper and streamers used for decorations must be labeled "fireproof" or "flameproof." Read the label before you buy the material.  Plastic bags and plastic sheeting must not be used for decorating, as this material is highly combustible.

Emergency Equipment

Decorations must not block or cover up any part of a fire alarm or sprinkler system.  Extinguisher cabinets, emergency lights, exit lights, and regular corridor lighting must not be covered. Exits must not be blocked or hidden. Corridors must not be wallpapered with combustible material. Combustible decorations are not permitted in stairwells. Candles in Residence Halls are prohibited. Safe alternatives include flashlights and battery operated candles.

If you have any questions, please call an EH&S Fire Safety Officer at (413) 545-2682.