Food Waivers and Food Registration

IMPORTANT! The Food Waiver Process is under revision.  There are a limited amount of food waivers allowed under the NON-TCS Food policy.  For any other foods, please contact JennyLyn Fontaine at Auxiliary Enterprises.

Environmental Health & Safey Policy on Food Waivers - Read Me First! 

All campus food is provided by UMass Dining/Catering (Auxiliary Enterprises).  If UMass Catering, (Auxiliary Enterprises) is unable to provide your food, a food waiver approval is required from UMass Catering (Auxiliary Enterprises) and is further reviewed for food safety from Environmental Health & Safety, (EH&S).  All outside caterers must be pre-approved.  As of September 2018, the Food Waiver and Food Registration process will be part of the Campus Pulse event planning program which is used to register your student* event. For RSO and GSO groups, there are no separate forms - just fill out your information in the Campus Pulse Event Planning tool on-line.

The required food safety trainings for Bake Sales and Barbecue/Potluck Meals are now on-line through the OWL Training Program at EH&S.  

For questions from all Student Groups on the Food Waiver process, please contact your Student Group Advisor at 413-545-3600. 

For questions about whether a non-Auxiliary Enterprises food or an outside food establishment will be approved via the food waiver & registration process, please first contact UMass Catering (Auxiliary Enterprises) Director of Sales at (413) 577-8200 or email at: to see if UMass Dining/Catering can provide your food.

*For all non-student groups, and other non-Student Engagement/SGA/GSS requests, please send an email request to

For a description of types of food events and their requirements, please see Food Event Descriptions and Instructions.  For food safety questions and to schedule food safety training, please call the Assistant Director for Environmental Health Services at EH&S at 545-2682.