Food Waivers and Food Registration

Work in ProgressImportant! The Food Waiver Process is under revision.  There are a limited amount of food waivers allowed under the NON-TCS Food policy.  For any other foods, please contact JennyLyn Fontaine at Auxiliary Enterprises.

No Outside Food / Waivers

5-20-2021: No outside food or food waivers are available at this time.  All campus food is provided by UMass Dining/Catering (Auxiliary Enterprises).  Contact  Jennylyn Fontaine at UMass Dining/Catering, (Auxiliary Enterprises) with any questions about student group cultural foods, at (413) 577-8200 or email at

Food Event Types That Are Allowed

These food event types are allowed with the following requirements:

1. Commercially pre-packaged snacks and doughnuts, known as Non-TCS pre-packaged foods.

2. Bake sale, also Non-TCS foods.  On-line training is required through the OWL Training Program at EH&S.   A bake sale food safety plan is required to be submitted at least 10 busness days in advance of the requested event.

3. All future TCS foods must be prepared by Auxiliary Enterprises or handled by a ServSafe certified (or equivalent) food manager and an approved commercial kitchen.  A food safety plan is required to be submitted at least 30 days in advance.  (Auxiliary Enterprises meets these standards and is exempt from submitting a  Food Waiver food safety plan).  For more detailed requirements, see the Food Event Chart (below).  Please note that submittal of a food safety plan and associated food waiver does not imply that approval will be granted.


For questions from Student Groups and Group members on the Food Waiver process or the Campus Pulse process, please contact your Student Group Advisor at 413-545-3600. 

For ServSafe manager training, please contact Auxiliary Enterprises Administrative Assistant, Kara Leistyna at 413-545-2472, or email

For Auxiliary Enterprises assistance with TCS food events, please contact JennyLyn Fontaine at 413-577-8200, or email

*For all non-student groups, and other non-Student Engagement/SGA/GSS requests, please send an email request to