Fact Sheets

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download Accidental Exposure
download Air Fresheners and Indoor Air Quality
download Air Purifiers Fact Sheet
download Arthropod Research
download Asbestos Awareness Brochure
download Autoclave Log Book
download Autoclave Waste Procedures Poster
download Autoclaves
download Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs) on Campus
download Bake Sales on Campus
download Barbeques on Campus
Bedbug Fact Sheet
download Biological Waste
download Biological Waste
download Biosafety Cabinets (BSC)
download Bloodborne Pathogens
download Camp Operator & Parent Info - weblinks
download Campus Emergency Procedures
download Chemical Compatibility Chart
download Construction Vehicle Safety Bulletin
download Contractor Emergency Response Bulletin
download Contractor Summary of Key Policies for Utility Work
Disinfectants used at Umass Amherst that are EPA approved for SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19 Illness)
download Disposal of Sharps
download Emergency Preparedness Checklist for Researchers
download Emergency Preparedness for Researchers
download Endangered Species
download eShip Dry Ice Packaging information -updated 12-2016
download Ethidium Bromide Waste Disposal Fact Sheet
download Fire Safety Regulations for Barbeques
download Flammable Storage in Refrigerators and Freezers
download Food Allergens
download Food Allergy Fact Sheet
download Food Safety BASICS for Events
download Freezer Defrosting
download Genefect One Step
download Guidelines for use of Perchloric Acid
download Halloween Decorating Guidelines
download Hand-Washing at Animal events
download Hand-washing required with Live Animals on Campus
download Heat and Cold Stress
download Holiday Fire Safety Guidelines
download Home Workstation Ergonomics
download Hot Plates Fact Sheet
download Housekeeping to Maintain Good Air Quality
download Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers Fact Sheet
download IBC - Institutional Biosafety Committee
download Incidental Retail (Snack) Foods & Commercial Doughnuts
download Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)
download Inert Cryogenic Liquids Fact Sheet
Institutional Standard Operating Procedures and Guidelines For Work With Particular Hazardous Materials and Processes
download Ionizing Radiation Fact Sheet
download Latex Fact Sheet
download LGRC PCB Communication Plan rev 2013 07 11
download MS-222 Handling and Disposal
download Nanomaterials
download Noise Cancelling Devices Vs. Hearing Protection Fact Sheet
download Oil Bath Fact Sheet
download OSHA Hazcom Quick Card"
download OSHA Silica Standard
download Ototoxicants Fact Sheet
download Outside Caterer/Vendor Fact Sheet
download Particulate Matter
download Permits (USDA/CDC)
download Plant Research
download Potluck Communal Event Meals
Prevent Storm Water Pollution - Residential
download Preventing Mold
download Proper Ventilation Guidelines
download Respirator Use Fact Sheet
Respiratory Protection Program
download Sharps Safety
download SOP Development Guidance
download Storm Water: Construction Best Management Practices
download UMass COVID 19 Testing and Next Steps
download Waste Biological
download Waste Storage and Packaging Guide
download Workstation Ergonmics