Eye Protection Program

Labs contain hazardous materials and as such, appropriate eye protection must be worn at all times as required by the University's Chemical Hygiene Plan.  This also applies to individuals who are in labs only temporarily, such as maintenance or administrative personnel. Please see our page on eyewashes and drench showers for information on those items.

Safety Glasses

Safety glasses worn in labs must have impact-resistant lenses, include side protection, and comply with ANSI standard Z87.1 (compliant eyewear will be labelled with "Z87" on the frame).  When selecting a pair of safety glasses, comfort and fit are important.  EH&S stocks a variety of styles to accommodate most researchers.

Over-The-Glass (OTG) Safety Glasses

Designed to fit over prescription eyewear.  Standard prescription eyewear is not rated for impact and does not provide sufficient coverage. As such, standard prescription glasses are not an appropriate means of eye protection in the lab.

Chemical Splash Goggles

Tight fitting, complete coverage of eye area, preventing liquids or articles from entering the eyes from above or below. Provides protection from impact, dust, and splashes. Should be worn when there is a risk of splashing, spraying, or misting of any hazardous substance.

You may need additional or specialized eye protection depending on the type of lab work being performed (e.g. work with lasers or UV light), in which case you should receive lab-specific training, EH&S training, and be provided appropriate PPE by the lab supervisor.  Regardless of the type eye protection used, it is important to keep it clean and periodically check for damage.

Request Eye Protection by filling out the UMass Safety Glasses Order Form

If you have any questions or concerns, e-mail askehs@umass.edu