Events With Food

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Sample table tent card to list food item allergen ingredients.

Allergic reactions occur in people with sensitivities from exposure to allergens such as food,... read more

The University of Massachusetts, Amherst has a strong commitment to food safety and requires... read more

A bake sale is a fund-raising event at which individually wrapped cookies, fruit pies, brownies... read more

A barbeque is an open air social event with a very limited menu. Food items may include:... read more

Drop Shipment (delivery) Food refers to food delivered by a licensed food establishment which is... read more

Environmental Health and Safety deals only with the safety aspects of outdoor activities.... read more

Food Allergy Fact Sheet

More information is available at the ... read more

Instructions for each type of food option for food events on campus.  This list provides the... read more

Download and complete this Food Handler Volunteer Reporting Agreement form. Every person who is... read more

Basic Food Safety information for events with food on Campus.

Please review the Food Waiver Considerations Chart for the requirements associated with... read more

Application for vendors invited by the Town of Amherst July 4th event.  Each vendor is... read more

Requirements for the use of outside food caterers or vendors on campus.  All outside caterer/... read more

Food safety information for Potuck communal meals.  A Potluck communal meal means that everyone... read more

Pre-packaged snack food, not needing heating or cooling for food safety, including commercial... read more

Fact sheet for utilizing TCS (Time/Temperature Control for Safety) Foods with Auxiliary... read more