Ethidium Bromide Waste Disposal Fact Sheet

Ethidium Bromide (EtBr) wastes are not regulated by the State of Massachusetts or the EPA. They are prudently managed by laboratory staff and EH&S to minimize human and environmental exposure. Please follow the instructions listed in this Fact Sheet when handling EtBr.  DO NOT dispose of Ethidium Bromide as biohazardous waste. Keep waste streams separate. Note that studies have shown that treatment with hypochlorite does little to diminish the mutagenic properties of Ethidium Bromide.

Spills and Decontamination

  • Use soap and water mixture (detergent solution) or 70% ethanol to wipe clean laboratory work surfaces contaminated with Ethidium Bromide.
  • Use a UV light to survey work surfaces in the laboratory to ensure that the Ethidium Bromide has been removed. Wear UV protective glasses when using UV light.