Environmental Health Program

The Environmental Health Services Program within the Department of Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) provides the University with inspectional services as well as technical guidance, policy advisories and training in all areas subject to public health, and environmental health regulation and code compliance. Both routine and complaint driven inspections are conducted for food safety and for community sanitation issues relative to housing including but not limited to; residence halls, family housing, the hotel and academic buildings in a community of 30,000 persons. The Environmental Health Program is supervised and operated by the Assistant Director for Environmental Health who is also a licensed Registered Sanitarian.

In addition to food protection and housing, some areas receiving Environmental Health Program oversight include: municipal water supply, swimming pools, solid waste disposal, child care facilities and general sanitation issues.

The Environmental Health Program makes recommendations, and sometimes takes enforcement action to ensure compliance with State and Federal sanitary codes. The goal is to provide appropriate levels of protection for the public health of both the University community and the environment.

Food Safety

The professional staff promotes food safety and provides inspections to minimize the risk of foodborne illnesses by providing the following services and tasks:

  • Inspects University food establishments on an on-going basis.
  • Investigates complaints or potential illnesses by patrons.
  • Works with the University dieticians regarding food allergies.
  • Works with University food service program on remodeled or new food establishment locations. 
  • Works with University food service regarding annual permitting.
  • Issues permits and inspects temporary or special food events.
  • Provides food safety training for small student events.
  • Oversees and manages ServSafe training, where applicable.
  • Provides oversight, compliance protocols, training, and inspections for:  Bake Sales, Student Barbecues, Food Waivers and Registrations, Temporary Food Events and all Food Volunteers.

Health and Communicable Diseases

Environmental Health Services works in conjunction with the municipality, University Health Services and the State of Massachusetts Department of Public Health on the following issues:

  • Potential infectious disease investigations and facility inspections.
  • Environmental guidance for outdoor activities.

Sanitary and Environmental Code Compliance

The Environmental Health Services Program has jurisdiction or is involved with the following responsibilities:

  • Inspects ice rinks for air quality compliance.
  • Inspects swimming pool conditions and water quality for compliance.
  • Inspects Recreational Camps for Children for compliance.
  • Investigates public health nuisance complaints.
  • Conducts inspections, upon request, in housing units, in accordance with the Sanitary Code.
  • Evaluates pest problems (bedbugs, cockroaches, mice); works in conjuntion with Physical Plant partners.
  • Follows up with issues surrounding any potential animal - rabies exopsure and compliance with Department of Public Health standards.
  • Liaison with the municipality on drinking water issues including providing recommendations, alerts and notifications when necessary.
  • Technical advisor to University on public health issues.
  • Liaison to municipal and State Department of Public Health partners.
  • Liaison to State Department of Environmental Protection partners.