Contractor Training

Contractor Safety Orientation

Any contractor or superintendent including General Contractor Project Managers, Superintendents, Foremen. UMA Project Managers, Contract Managers, Resident and Construction Engineers that engage in operations on the campus of UMass Amherst or its satellite campuses must complete the Contractor Safety Orientation. 

For questions about contractor safety, please contact Rob Wallace, Campus Safety Manager at 413-313-3608 or

Dig Safe Training

Anyone performing work at the UMass Amherst that requires a DigSafe Notification is required to watch a training video and submit a certification form certifying that the video was viewed and understood. This video was created to outline UMA procedures, as well as review Massachusetts DigSafe and Trenching regulations. The certification is good for a period of two years, after which the video must be again viewed and the certification form resubmitted.

Please contact Sondra Slesinski, Physical Plant Safety Officer (; 413-835-1255) or Rob Wallace (; 413-313-3608) for information about Dig Safe

Contractor Lab Safety Training 

Lab Safety Training for contractors can be completed in this document.  Please print this out, read through the information, and sign and date the document on the last page to serve as your proof of training.  Please keep this signed copy on file.  You can also view the presentation as a training here if you have access to Power Point.  Click "Slide Show" on the top ribbon and then "From Beginning".

For questions about contractor lab safety, contact Kristi Ohr.