Name Contact
Bachand, Samantha, Clerk III
(413) 545-2682 office
(not available) cell
Blajda, Michele, Office Manager
(413) 545-5127 office
(not available) cell
Campbell, Leo, CEMS Manager
(413) 577-3633 office
(not available) cell
Dorrity, Katherine, CEM, Assistant Director for Emergency Management
413-545-5124 office
413-800-6200 cell
Grover, Michael, EH&S Site Assessment Services Manager
(413) 545-6043 office
(413) 345-0036 cell
Hagen, Mary, Ph.D., Associate Biological Safety Officer
413-545-9846 office
413-559-8830 cell
Hescock, Jeffrey, MS, Executive Director of EH&S and Emergency Management
(413) 545-2682 office
(not available) cell
Kosloski, Shaina, Environmental Compliance Services Technician
(413) 545-5125 office
(not available) cell
LaDuc, Judy, RBP (ABSA), Biological Safety Officer
(413) 545-7293 office
(413) 687-5476 cell
Larose, Robert, Environmental Site Assessment Technician
(413) 545-4585 office
(413) 320-2896 cell
Liu, Xingmei (Sherry), M.S., MB, Laboratory Safety and Industrial Hygiene Officer
(413) 545-5805 office
(not available) cell
Lorenz, John, Chemical Inventory Management Technician
413-547-3633 office
(not available) cell
McGlew, Edwin, Fire Safety Services Technician
(413) 545-5134 office
(not available) cell
Montminy, Douglas, Environmental Site Assessment Officer
(413) 545-4585 office
(413) 362-9874 cell
Nordquist, Zoe, B.S., Laboratory Safety and Industrial Hygiene Specialist
(413)-545-5118 office
(not available) cell
Ohr, Kristi, Ph.D., Assistant Director, Academic Safety
(413)-545-5117 office
(not available) cell
Prodanas, Dave, M.S., Chemical Inventory Management Technician
(413)-547-3633 office
(not available) cell
Ritter, Gary, CIH, QEP, CPEA, CSP, CHMM, LEED, EH&S Manager for Central Heating and Physical Plant
(413) 545-5119 office
(413) 537-5240 cell
Roberts, David, Campus Fire Marshal
(413) 545-5120 office
(413) 658-7443 cell
Rusiecki, Alyssa, RS, Assistant Director for Environmental Health
(413) 545-5110 office
(508) 479-5861 cell
Sahabdeen, Haneef, Radiation Safety Officer
(413) 545-5131 office
(not available) cell
Shaw, Steven, Hazardous Materials Management Services Manager
(413) 545-5122 office
(413) 687-3001 cell
Sheldon, Allison, Fire Safety Services Technician
(not available) office
(not available) cell
Singh, J. Dominic, EMT-P, EMS Coordinator
(413) 545-5116 office
(not available) cell
Slesinski, Sondra, CSP, Occupational Health and Safety Manager
(413) 545-4192 office
(413) 835-1255 cell
Smith, Calvin, Fire Safety Services Technician
(413) 545-7913 office
(not available) cell
Steele, Maryanne, CSP, Assistant Director for Campus Safety & Fire Prevention
(413) 545-2367 office
(413) 658-7485 cell
Tirsch, Jonathan, M.S., Laboratory Safety and Industrial Hygiene Officer
(413)-545-5112 office
(not available) cell
Wallace, Robert, ASP, Occupational Health and Safety Manager
(413) 545-7299 office
(413) 313-3608 cell
Wolejko, Theresa "Terri", REM, TURP, Assistant Director for Environmental & Hazardous Materials Management Services
(413) 577-3632 office
(413) 658-4649 cell