Construction Safety

Dig-Safe Training

Anyone performing work at the University of Massachusetts Amherst (UMA) that requires a DigSafe Notification is now required to watch a training video and submit a certification form certifying that the video was viewed and understood. This video was created to outline UMA procedures, as well as review Massachusetts DigSafe and Trenching regulations. The certification is good for a period of two years, after which the video must be again viewed and the certification form resubmitted.

Please contact Sondra Slesinski, Physical Plant Safety Officer (; 413-835-1255) or Maryanne Steele (; 413-658-7485) for more information.

Contractor Safety Training

EHS also offers Contractor Lab Safety and Construction Safety workshops.

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Environmental Related Information

Pre-Construction Materials

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Laboratory Related Information

File Title
download Asbestos Awareness Brochure
download Asbestos Containing Material Environmental Management System Manual
download Campus Emergency Procedures
download Campus Map 8-2018
Chip Tank Removal Guidelines
download Confined Space Standard Operating Guidelines
download Construction Environmental Checklist
download Construction Vehicle Safety Bulletin
download Contractor Emergency Response Bulletin
download Contractor Emergency Response Bulletin - Mount Ida Campus
download Contractor Summary of Key Policies for Utility Work
download Decommissioning of Laboratory Space Prior To Relocation, Demolition or Renovation
download Dig Safe Policy
download Emergency Engine and Turbine Requirements
download Equipment Disposal - Hazardous Materials Assessment For Disposal
download Fume Hood Removal - Provost's Letter
download Hazard Assessment, Abatement, Oversight, and Clearance Process - Outside Design Project
download Hazard Assessment, Abatement, Oversight, and Clearance Process - Inside Funded Work
download Hazardous Energy Control Policy Lock-Out/Tag-Out
download Hazardous Materials - Building Survey Guidance
Hearing Conservation Program
download Laboratory Floor Drain Policy
download Laboratory Safety Design: Break Room Guidelines
download Motor Vehicle Idling Policy
download Non-Standard Discharge Form
download OSHA Hazcom Quick Card"
download OSHA Silica Standard
download Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) Site Assessment Testing Policy
download Pre-construction Meeting Checklist
Related EH&S Physical Plant Policies and Guidelines
Respiratory Protection Program
download Sewer System Use Protocol
download UMass Respriatory Protection Program Manual