Collecting and Disposing of Radioactive Waste

Collecting and Disposing of Radioactive Waste

Preparing a Radioactive Waste Storage Container for the Lab and Radioactive Waste General Rules

This following information is applicable for dry, solid waste and liquid scintillation vial waste:

Any common trash container may be used for radioactive waste storage.
A radiation warning sticker has to be put on the trash container.
Label the trash container with the name of the radioisotope being stored.
Put a liner in the trash container.
Add two bags, in addition to the liner.
Radioactive waste must be double bagged when being moved from the lab for disposal.
ONLY 3H and 14C can be stored together in the same trash container.
All other radioisotopes must be separated into individual trash containers.

Separate 32P, 33P, 35S, 125I or any other radioisotope.
Do not place these isotopes in the same waste container.
A separate radioactive waste container must be prepared for each isotope.

Waste Pickup