Chip Tank Removal Guidelines

As described in our laboratory decommissioning policy, EH&S needs to evaluate the historical research use of laboratories prior to any work involving chip tank removal. The following recommendations should be followed:

  • As a general precaution, bleach should be poured down the sink drain 24 hours prior to chip tank removal.
  • Once removed from the drain system, the room (laboratory) number should be written on the tank, as some tanks will require sampling for RAD contamination.
  • The tops should be removed and all liquid pumped into the sanitary drain system.
  • The stones can be removed and placed into buckets for solid waste disposal. Buckets should be less than 5 gallons in size or a total weight of less than 40 pounds.
  • Call EH&S to sample sludge and residual contamination for heavy metals prior to authorizing disposal.
  • All material should stay together until cleared by EH&S.   
  • Once cleared, EH&S will attach a sticker allowing chips, along with the empty tank, to be taken to IPF for recycling.