Chemical Safety

The following documents, forms, and programs relate to general chemical safety considerations.

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Work with ceramics can present a variety of hazards.  The information presented below details... read more

Chemical labelling is an integral part of creating a safe work environment in the laboratory.... read more

This chart is from the... read more

Drawing can present hazards related to the materials used and the methods of use. The hazards... read more

In a lab, the fume hood is used to protect the researcher from toxic substances that may be... read more

 A laboratory gas generator is an on-site unit that delivers a continuous supply of purified gas... read more

Gloves are important personal protective equipment to prevent contact with hazardous materials... read more

Accidents can occur even after conducting thorough risk assessments and implementing... read more

This document is a template that faculty PI's or lab directors can use as a guide in the... read more

No Job Should Be Considered So Important That It Cannot Be Done Safely. The... read more

Leathercraft or leatherworking activities include the use of techniques and processes such as... read more

Lithography is a method of printing from a stone or a metal plate with a smooth surface, and was... read more

The Studio Arts Building (SAB) contains many different types of local exhaust ventilation... read more


One of the first documented connections between painting pigments and adverse health... read more

The performing arts, including theater, dance and music, can present unique hazards that are... read more

This handout provides information on the Peroxide Forming Materials Management Program. These... read more

The chemicals and processes used in photographic developing can pose a variety of hazards. ... read more

Experiments that can be classified as high risk must receive prior written approval by the P.I... read more

OSHA defines reproductive toxins as "Chemicals which affect the reproductive capabilities... read more

Working in the fine arts can pose significant health and safety risks from a variety of hazards... read more

The materials and processes used in sculpting can create exposure hazards for the artist.  The... read more

This document provides guidance on developing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for work with... read more

Flammable cabinets and acid/corrosive cabinets underneath fume hoods are typically ventilated... read more

Please use this guide to ensure that your lab remains safe and compliant.  While this list is... read more