CEMS - Hazardous Material Inventory Management

CEMS (Chemical Environmental Management System) is an online chemical inventory system managed by EH&S for chemical owners, laboratory associates, students and emergency responders.  CEMS also includes the University's program for centralized receiving and delivery of hazardous materials.

  • Login to CEMS if you already have an account. (You must be connected to the UMass Amherst network in order to access CEMS.)
  • Request An Account if you do not have one. After you submit this form, the EH&S CEMS Data Manager will contact the responsible party for authorization. You will receive a link by email to enter your password.
  • See Management of Hazardous Inventory, for more information.

Forms in CEMS:

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Place your lab supply delivery request online in CEMS to request the lab supplies listed below... read more

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