CECS Process

How to make initial contact:

Place the information (below) in an email to: cecs_info@steris.com

Processing the quote for the PO:

Please complete the form linked at the top of this page.

The Purchase Order needs to made out to Controlled Environment Certification Services, Inc.

Do NOT make the PO out to Steris.

Use UPST Buyways Account Information to generate the PO.

Attache the Purchase Order to an email and send to: cecs_info@steris.com

Scheduling the services at UMass

  • CECS will contact you with proposed dates for services requested.
  • When you agree, the date will be scheduled.
  • Please assign a contact person to assist the CECS tech with access to the equipment and share the contact with CECS via email.
  • Notify jladuc@umass.edu of scheduled service date.
  • If you are having difficulty, please contact:

Natalie Rodriguez (will help with quotes)
Customer Service Representative
Controlled Environment Certification Services, Inc.
177 North Commerce Way
Bethlehem, PA 10817
[800-523-9852] [610-867-5302 Ext 43688]
Direct: 610-332-3688
Fax: 610-954-7803
Email: Natalie_Rodriquez@Steris.com