Do I have to use BioRAFT?

You will need to set up your lab profile in BioRAFT, and you will need to use BioRAFT to view and respond to EH&S assessments (i.e., inspections) for your labs.  Your lab profile should minimally consist of the current members in your lab and verifying your lab spaces.  Keeping your members up to date in BioRAFT will ensure they receive direct communication from EH&S on important lab and safety information, thus reducing the burden on the PI of having to forward this information.

Do I have to set up my lab profile in BioRAFT?

The lab profile does need to be completed for each PI.  This should minimally consist of your current lab members and verification of the lab spaces in use by your group.  PIs can delegate the responsibility of setting up the lab profile to a group member by designating the group member as compliance liaison.  Please follow the instructions in the PI guide to lab setup.  If you are having difficulties setting up the lab profile or with designating a compliance liaison, please contact EH&S at

How long will it take to complete the lab profile wizard in BioRAFT?

We estimate that it will take approximately 20-30 minutes to complete all portions of the lab profile wizard.

Do I have to upload SOPs or other documents to BioRAFT?

No.  If your lab already has a mechanism to share these documents that works for you, you do not need to use BioRAFT for this purpose.  If however you are looking for a means to store and share these documents (or others) in your group, BioRAFT has this capability.  By storing these documents in BioRAFT, you are also providing EH&S access for review and comment should you wish for us to provide that service.

Do I have to use the equipment module or provide an equipment list?

No.  This is a feature of BioRAFT that may be useful to many labs to keep track of equipment and service records for these items, however, you are not required to use BioRAFT for this purpose.  EH&S will be using the equipment module to keep records for safety related lab equipment (i.e., biosafety cabinets, drench showers, eye washes, etc.).

Can BioRAFT automatically get my equipment list from the property office, my lab members from my RLOP, or my lab spaces from Trirega?

Not at this time.  BioRAFT cannot live update from these systems, however, we are checking with BioRAFT and our campus partners to see if this is a feature that can be developed in the future.

Can you change the name of the system?  BioRAFT sounds like it only deals with bio-focused research.

Unfortunately we cannot change the name of the platform as it is a commercial product.  Despite what the name may suggest, the platform provides a full suite of lab management and compliance modules that are applicable to all research and teaching spaces on campus that use hazardous materials or processes.

What benefit is BioRAFT to me?

Many institutions have turned to BioRAFT to streamline compliance activities and support their safety culture.  BioRAFT will:

  • Provide for direct, targeted, and prompt communication between EH&S and all members of the research community (not just PIs).
  • Streamline and simplify the response to lab assessments reducing the time required of PIs and research staff.
  • Enable PIs to designate group members who can perform compliance responsibilities, such as sharing information with EH&S or responding to lab assessments.
  • Supply a platform to store important documents and equipment records that facilitates sharing with lab personnel and EH&S.
  • Impart a means of reporting, anonymously if desired, safety concerns to EH&S for follow up.

I don't see the answer to my question here.  Who should I ask?

Please send any questions or feedback about BioRAFT to  We are always happy to help support your research and teaching endeavors, so let us know what you need!