Barbeques on Campus

A barbeque is an open air social event with a very limited menu. Food items may include: hamburgers, hot dogs, garden burgers, chips, condiments, salad, watermelon, washed fruit, soda, coffee, and dessert. One week prior to the barbeque, approval, via an E-Sign food waiver application, must be obtained from the Department of Environmental Health and Safety.

Barbeques can represent a serious public health hazard because of the large number of people attending and the potential for a foodborne illness outbreak either through inappropriate food handling practices or time/temperature management problems with food that is considered to be potentially hazardous. Proper planning and suitable equipment/supplies will significantly reduce the likelihood of a foodborne illness. Size is limited to 50 participants without a ServSafe Manager on-site and training is required to be scheduled at EH&S at least one week prior to the event.  Read the full procedure for details on requirements for a barbeque and grills.

Also refer to Fire Safety regulations for Barbeques.