Barbeque Food Waivers

To start:

  1. Read the EH&S Food Event Policy Food Event Descriptions and Instructions - ("Read Me First!")
  2. Read the Barbeque fact sheet and take the OWL on-line training for BBQ/Potluck food safety.   The Food Event Organizer must upload her/his training Certificate of Completion into the Campus Pulse registration.  Every food handler shall take the training and obtain a Certificate.  The Food Event Organizer shall collect the Certificates of Completion from all other food handlers.
  3. For each event you will need to submit a Food Waiver and Registration.  (Student groups will submit via Campus Pulse.  For all other requests, please email
  4. Everyone shall sign a Food Handler Volunteer (FHV) (Illness Reporting) Form.  The Food Event Organizer (listed in Campus Pulse) shall keep a list of all foods, collect all signed FHV forms, all Training Certificates of Completion, and after the event, and mail or deliver to: EH&S, 117 Draper Hall.


UMass Catering (Auxiliary Enterprises) Director of Sales 
Phone: (413) 577-8200

EH&S Environmental Health Svcs Assistant Director
Phone: (413) 545-2682

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Every food item must have all of the food allergens labelled.  

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Ingedients form - additional page, if necessary