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Many people often turn to air fresheners (such as sprays, candles, incense, diffusers, etc.) to... read more

Air Purifiers

This fact sheet provides information on air purifiers, including the different... read more

Allergic reactions occur in people with sensitivities from exposure to allergens such as food,... read more

Food Allergy Fact Sheet

More information is available at the ... read more

Regular office housekeeping can help to improve workplace indoor air quality. Custodians will... read more

Humidity is an important parameter for overall indoor air quality.  Indoor relative humidity (RH... read more

What is Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and why is it important?

Indoor air quality (IAQ) refers to the... read more

Latex is a substance found in a tropical rubber tree that is commonly used in a wide variety of... read more

 What is Particulate Matter (PM)?

Particulate matter (PM), also called particle pollution, is a... read more

Where Can You Find Mold?

Molds and mildews are fungi that are found almost everywhere, both ... read more

Broadly defined, ventilation is a method of controlling the environment with air flow.  For... read more