Air-O-Cell Method Interpretation Guide

A Guide From Environmental Analysis Associates - January 2011

Excerpt from Guide: This Air-O-Cell Interpretation Guide is provided as general information to our clients to assist in the interpretation of the laboratory analysis provided by Environmental Analysis Associates, Inc. (EAA).  EAA is one of few environmental consulting and laboratory testing firms in the country with both the field and laboratory experience to provide diagnostic testing by Optical and Electron Microscopy and interpretation of common indoor aerosols and bioaerosols. Unlike other laboratories, EAA is an environmental consulting lab with comprehensive expertise in laboratory testing, field sampling design, research and development, failure analysis, and can routinely provide expert witness support. Mr. Daniel Baxter is the owner of EAA and inventor of the Air-O-Cell, the most widely used bioaerosol sampler in the country.

The goal of this guide is to provide background information and testing support to assist in the location of potential sources of indoor air quality problems associated with aerosols and bioaerosols such as mold spores, fiberglass fibers, and shedding of building components. The Environmental Analysis Associates, Inc., Optical Microscopy Bioaerosol Report is designed to assist in the evaluation and location of indoor air quality problems associated with mold and fungi, and other airborne aerosols found in the indoor environment. Utilization of data contained within the report requires proper guidance. It is important to note that standards for airborne aerosols covered in this document do not currently exist. The data should be used as a “screening” tool to separate the difference between typical and atypical indoor dust conditions, not as criteria for declaring an environment "safe" or "unsafe." This document (combined with the analysis report provided by EAA) should be used as secondary information to supplement an onsite visual inspection.