Active Threat Training Video Provided as New Public Safety Resource

As part of the university’s ongoing efforts to enhance public safety, a new active threat training video is being shared with the campus community to anticipate a potential emergency and guide individual decision-making.

An active threat refers to any incident that creates an immediate threat or presents an imminent danger, such as a shooter or a hostage situation. Taking the time now to prepare increases your ability to respond. 

The video simulates the scenario of an active threat on campus and imparts the three-part protocol that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security recommends as the safest response to an active threat: “Run, Hide, Fight.”

Building off lessons learned across the country, this video provides clear visual guidance for students, staff and faulty to prepare for and survive an active threat. The university takes every available measure to ensure that the police are prepared and equipped to respond to an active threat. However, the nature of these events also requires preparation by the public. Research shows that simulated scenarios, like this video, are effective learning tools. We must all be prepared to play a role to protect our safety if an event should occur. We encourage all members of our community to view this video. It’s an investment of time that can save lives.

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