Academic Safety Program

We provide comprehensive support services to the research community to ensure safe, compliant, and efficient conduct of research.  Our major services areas include  Biosafety, Chemical and Lab Safety and Radiation and Laser Safety

Biosafety Radiation and Laser Safety Chemical and Lab Safety

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Namesort descending Title Contact
Campbell, Leo Chemical Inventory Management Technician
(413) 577-3633 office
(not available) cell
Hagen, Mary, Ph.D. Associate Biological Safety Officer
413-545-9846 office
413-559-8830 cell
LaDuc, Judy, RBP (ABSA) Biological Safety Officer
(413) 545-7293 office
(413) 687-5476 cell
Liu, Xingmei (Sherry), M.S., MB Laboratory Safety and Industrial Hygiene Officer
(413) 545-5805 office
(not available) cell
Lorenz, John Chemical Inventory Management Technician
413-547-3633 office
(not available) cell
Nordquist, Zoe, B.S. Laboratory Safety and Industrial Hygiene Specialist
(413)-545-5118 office
(not available) cell
Ohr, Kristi, Ph.D. Assistant Director, Academic Safety
(413)-545-5117 office
(not available) cell
Sahabdeen, Haneef Radiation Safety Officer
(413) 545-5131 office
(not available) cell
Tirsch, Jonathan, M.S. Laboratory Safety and Industrial Hygiene Officer
(413)-545-5112 office
(not available) cell