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We provide comprehensive support services to the research community to ensure safe, compliant, and efficient conduct of research.


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Name Title Contact
Brandon, Nikki, M.S. Laboratory Safety and Industrial Hygiene Officer
(413) 545-5118 office
(413) 687-4138 cell
Campbell, Leo Chemical Inventory Management Technician
(413) 577-3633 office
(not available) cell
Chase, Vincent, M.S., CHP, RRPT Senior Radiation Safety Officer
(413) 545-5153 office
(not available) cell
Coyle, Chris Chemical Inventory Management Technician
(413) 577-3635 office
(not available) cell
Hagen, Mary, Ph.D. Associate Biological Safety Officer
413-545-9846 office
413-559-8830 cell
Kurth, Gabrielle (Ellie), M.S. Laboratory Safety and Industrial Hygiene Officer
(413) 545-5114 office
(413) 588-1387 cell
LaDuc, Judy, RBP (ABSA) Biological Safety Officer
(413) 545-7293 office
(413) 687-5476 cell
Liu, Xingmei (Sherry), M.S., MB Laboratory Safety and Industrial Hygiene Officer
(413) 545-5805 office
(413) 207-2917 cell
Ohr, Kristi, Ph.D. Chemical Safety Services Manager
(413)-545-5117 office
(413)-800-4408 cell
Pons, Glenda Hazardous Materials Tracking Manager, CEMS Program Manager
(413) 577-3631 office
(413) 329-6845 cell
Sahabdeen, Haneef Radiation Safety Specialist
(413) 545-5131 office
(not available) cell