Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) offers safety and environmental management programs to the UMass Amherst community in fire, radiation, biological, chemical, environmental health, environmental management and emergency management.  Following is an excerpt from the EH&S Policy Signed by Chancellor Subbaswamy [PDF].

It is a policy of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst to maintain, insofar as it is reasonable and within its control, an environment for its faculty, staff, students, and visitors that does not adversely affect their health and safety. In support of this policy the University will give high priority, appropriate support, and steady implementation to eliminate where possible, or to reduce to acceptable limits, environmental and occupational hazards that are a threat to the health and safety of personnel or to property.

The ultimate responsibility for the campus safety and environmental health rests with the Chancellor. The Chancellor has delegated to each dean, director, chairperson, and supervisor the responsibility for safety performance within their respective unit. Everyone with supervisory responsibility will be expected to take the initiative so that safe working conditions are maintained, and to request the assistance of the Department of Environmental Health and Safety to expedite action when necessary. Each supervisor must take the initiative to train the employees and students under his/her supervision in safe work practices. In particular, supervisors should ensure that employees and students know (a) all potentially hazardous conditions associated with the operation and the method established to control them, (b) all safety regulations for the area of operation. In addition, supervisors are expected to promote a safety attitude and awareness that will lead employees and students working under their supervision to take a safe course when faced with situations which are not covered by established regulations and practices.

It is incumbent upon each member of the faculty, staff, and student body to provide the constant vigilance necessary to avoid unsafe acts on his/her part. Faculty, staff, and students have an obligation to take all reasonable precautions to prevent injury to themselves or to their fellow employees or students. They are expected to learn and to follow approved standards and procedures which apply to their activities, and to check with their supervisors when they have any doubts concerning potential hazards. 

EH&S Policy Signed by Chancellor Subbaswamy [PDF]