Join our community experts to learn about key preparedness skills and safety resources to help you learn how to best protect yourself and others against a wide range of safety issues.

The UMass Public Health Promotion Center’s (PHPC) mission is to prevent illness and to promote and protect the health and wellness of the campus community as a Health Promoting University. We provide many of the same services and functions of a local health department in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. We serve all members of the campus community and partner with local, regional and state health and human service agencies to provide health and wellness opportunities to the campus.

EH&S is proud to partner with Fisher Scientific and Thermo Fisher to present a workshop on centrifuge rotor safety in the Cape Cod Lounge in the Student Union on October 18, 2023 starting at 1PM.  Centrifuge experts will give a presentation on rotor maintenance and safety.  Participants will also be able to have their centrifuge rotors inspected by the experts.  To register to have your rotors inspected, please reach out to Laura Cotton ( and Ruby Bansal (ruby.b

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