EH&S has recently switched to SciShield to provide safety training to research and teaching areas.  The change of platform from OWL enables safety training requirements to be incorporated into the same platform that the academic community has been using for the lab assessment process for over a year now.  The transition to SciShield will streamline the training compliance process for labs, shops, and studios and increase the flexibility for control over training and compliance for labs and departments.  Department training managers and lab safety coordinators have been actively involved

EH&S is excited to launch a new training website. This website offers over 35 safety related trainings that are free and available to UMass faculty, staff and students. Many of the trainings are required as part of Lab, Fire, and Construction Safety Programs or you many just want to take some trainings because you are interested, either way additional trainings will be continued to be added to the website, so check out frequently. Visit the training website to access to the courses.  

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