2015 Annual Report for Environmental Health and Safety

The EH&S mission statement is: “To partner with the campus community to facilitate and promote safety, health, environmental management and emergency management and continuity of operations.” Our vision statement is: “To achieve excellence through stewardship for safety, health, and the environment.” How we go about operationalizing these statements in a meaningful way that is aligned with the overall mission and vision of the campus is and remains a formidable challenge.
As an organization, we marked our “golden anniversary” last year and had an opportunity to reflect on how this organization has transitioned from a primary consultative role to a full-fledged service delivery role. There is no finish line in EH&S, but each year, like the one covered by this report, is marked with progress and notable accomplishments.
Please read the full report to better understand what the EH&S team has achieved.
Donald Robinson, Ph.D.
Executive Director
Environmental Health and Safety