The UMass Public Health Promotion Center’s (PHPC) mission is to prevent illness and to promote and protect the health and wellness of the campus community as a Health Promoting University. We provide many of the same services and functions of a local health department in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. We serve all members of the campus community and partner with local, regional and state health and human service agencies to provide health and wellness opportunities to the campus.

UMass Amherst has been recognized as a Skin Smart Campus by The National Council on Skin Cancer Prevention.

Ensuring the well-being of our community, we are providing a safe and healthy learning and living environment on and off campus, pledging to keep indoor tanning devices off our campus and our affiliated buildings. We also promote skin cancer prevention policies and education.

EH&S has recently switched to SciShield to provide safety training to research and teaching areas.  The change of platform from OWL enables safety training requirements to be incorporated into the same platform that the academic community has been using for the lab assessment process for over a year now.  The transition to SciShield will streamline the training compliance process for labs, shops, and studios and increase the flexibility for control over training and compliance for labs and departments.  Department training managers and lab safety coordinators have been actively involved

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