Research Safety

We provide comprehensive support services to the research community to ensure safe, compliant, and efficient conduct of research.

Visit the Academic Safety Program page for additional infomation.

File Title
download 3D Printers SOP
download Arthropod Research
download Base Baths
download Biosafety Cabinets (BSC)
download Campus Emergency Procedures
download Chemical Inventory Disposal Log Form
download Decommissioning of Laboratory Space Prior To Relocation, Demolition or Renovation
download Emergency Eyewash and Drench Shower Program
download Emergency Eyewash Station Weekly Inspection Checklist
download Emergency Preparedness Checklist for Researchers
download Emergency Preparedness for Researchers
download Equipment Disposal - Hazardous Materials Assessment For Disposal
download eShip Global
download Formaldehyde SOP
download Fume Hood Removal - Provost's Letter
download Guidelines For Children And Unauthorized Persons In Labs And Other Potentially Hazardous Areas
download Heat and Cold Stress
download Hot Plates Fact Sheet
How To Implement A Remote Buddy System
download IBC - Institutional Biosafety Committee
Lab Coat Management Program
download Lab Coat Order Form
download Lab Coat Pick up/Drop off Locations
download Lab Safety Handout
download Laboratory Door Cards
download Laboratory Floor Drain Policy
download Laboratory Safety Design: Break Room Guidelines
download Liability Release Form for Laboratories
LSL Retrocommissioning
download Mineral Dusts SOP
download National Institutes of Health Fume Hood Testing Protocol for Constant Volume Fume Hoods
download National Institutes of Health Fume Hood Testing Protocol for Variable Volume Fume Hoods
New Lab and P.I. Start-Up
download Oil Bath Fact Sheet
download Open Forum Presentation
download Ototoxicants Fact Sheet
download Peroxide Forming Materials Management Program
download Peroxide-Forming Materials SOP
download Pyrophoric Liquids and Solids
download Respirator Use Fact Sheet
download Respirator Use Request Form
download Shipping Research Materials
download Soldering SOP
download SOP Development Guidance
download Standards for the Design, Construction, Maintenance, and Use of Laboratory Fume Hoods
download UMass Lab Self-Inspection Form
download UMass Respriatory Protection Program Manual
download Working Safely with Compressed Gases