Outside Caterer Food Waivers

To start:

  1. Read the Food Event Description and Instructions - ("Read Me First!")
  2. Read the Food Safety Fact Sheets for Temporary Food Events and Catered Events. 
  3. Prior to submitting the Food Waiver Application, you will need to have copies of the completed Caterer's Temporary Food Establishment Application and required attachments:
    • copy of caterer's Board of Health license;
    • copy of the caterer's ServSafe certification;
    • and copy of the caterer's Liability Insurance indemnyfying the University of Massachusetts)
  4. Complete the online Caterer Food Waiver and Registration Application.
  5. After you submit the form, you must check your inbox and verify your identity by clicking the link in the email. Otherwise the process will not finish.
  6. Once you verify your identify by clicking the link, a message will display: "Your e-signing of Food Waiver and Registration Application has been verified."
  7. EH&S, Auxiliary Enterprises and SAI will review your request.
  8. Within two weeks, you will receive an email from Adobe Sign with a link to your application.
  9. Click the link in the email. Scroll to the bottom of Page 2 to view whether or not your application was approved or denied.  If approved, you must follow the follow-up instructions for your food event type.


UMass Catering (Auxiliary Enterprises) Director of Sales 
Phone: (413) 577-8200
Email:  jfontain@umass.edu


EH&S Environmental Health Svcs Assistant Director
Phone: (413) 545-2682
Email: foodwaiver@ehs.umass.edu