Biological Spill Cleanup Fact Sheet

Biohazardous Agent refers to an agent that is biological in nature and has the capacity to produce deleterious effects upon biological organisms. Biohazardous agents include, but are not limited to: bacteria, fungi, viruses, rickettsiae, Chlamydia, prion, parasites, recombinant products, allergens, cultured human and animal cells and the potentially biohazardous agents these cells may contain, infected clinical specimens, tissue from experimental animals, plant viruses, bacteria and fungi, toxins, and other biohazardous agents as defined by State and Federal regulations.

Disposal Procedures

For non-laboratory areas: Most body fluids and cleanup materials can be placed into dark garbage bags and thrown into a dumpster. The only exception would be if the body fluid spill was large quantities of blood (i.e., pooled blood). If cleanup materials are soaked or dripping with blood, please call EH&S at: 545-2682, for biohazard bags and boxes to package material for off-site medical waste incineration. Laboratories: dispose of as biohazardous waste.

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